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Your Trusted Sourcing Partner in China

Your Trusted Sourcing Partner in China

Since 2016, Ocean Sourcing has been helping overseas small and medium sellers to purchase cost-effective and reliable products from China. Our full-process procurement service is dedicated to helping small and medium sellers achieve greater goals such as higher stars and higher sales.Work with us to maintain a stable supply for your sales.

About Us

Registered in China in 2016, Ocean sourcing started its purchasing business for small-and-medium-sized sellers with a specialization in product sourcing. We offer professional sourcing services for medium to small business enterprises. Our services are fully comprehensive and cover everything that is required to source from China. With our highly experienced and professional team, we can source the perfect item you may be looking for within seconds. All our agents have a wealth of knowledge and expertise within the Chinese market and know the correct methods as well as suppliers that can assist. We have partnered with millions of suppliers and carriers since its foundation, enabling us to find you the best prices and quality for your investment.

In the last 2 years alone, we have successfully assisted over 1,000 happy clients.

We stand by our clients and maintain our top standards in customer satisfaction. It is our main focus to see you achieve an abundance in business success.

Our Founder:

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Tony, the founder of Ocean Sourcing, has over a decade of expertise in the Chinese exporting industry. He is a master of the Chinese market as well as having a deep understanding of her overseas clients’ needs. 

Over the past decade, Tony has established strong business relationships with numerous clients based in United States, Spain, Mexico, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and South Korea as their sourcing agent as many of them have found it difficult to purchase in China. As a result, Tony founded Ocean Sourcing to better assist his clients with his professional expertise. 

Ocean Sourcing has since grown and has made its presence known amongst those who are seeking a professional sourcing agent in China.

Our Supplier Resources:

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Based on China, where over 50,000 factories offer 300,000 kinds of products, Ocean Sourcing is competent for finding the most qualified suppliers to meet your needs of MOQ, cost, and quality.

All alternative suppliers for Your undergo a strict evaluation to ensure you only work with reliable factories instead of middlemen or dodgy workshops. We also update our supplier list after each cooperation according to the quality, prices, and lead time.

You have our word that you will partner with excellent suppliers. Feel free to contact an agent and get your sustainable inventory.

Our Proficient Team:

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Ocean Sourcing's team specializes in summarizing and resolving the difficulties of sourcing sellers complain about. Every successful purchasing agent is also willing to share the purchasing experience to help your team grow.

With the experience of handling hundreds of orders, our talented and versatile team can effectively solve your procurement problems in China.

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